All those looking for a combination of dynamism, responsiveness, advice and results need look no further. The Compagnie Internationale de Gestion is the ideal compromise between small local firms, which are often limited, and large general corporations, which combine economic information and debt collection.

On the conviction that to exercise a given profession properly, one must dedicate one's efforts to it exclusively, CIG, created in February 1991 by a team of experts in law and measures of execution, has concentrated its know-how on the COLLECTION of civil and commercial debts and on credit risk management, both on a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL scale.

The firm has thus been able to give several multinationals and well-known French companies the benefit of experience, in all sectors of the economy.

Is there any need to state that, well before 1996, CIG anticipated the statutory order regulating the profession, thereby playing a pioneering role in many fields?

- to find an "EXPERT" partner, not a mere service provider,
- to reduce your financial charges and optimise your cash flow,
- to alleviate burdensome administrative tasks and streamline the work of your personnel,
- to benefit from real added value, relative to your existing service providers or in-house solutions.

As a guarantee of our commitment, we take on board your interests and only claim payment on our results! ! !

To sum up,