Our legal experts, specialists in the fields of civil and commercial law and graduates of the national procedural law school, are trained to favour out-of-court settlement of collection proceedings.

A debtor will always appreciate dialogue with a professional, capable of making him aware of the legal realities and the risks run, as well as dispensing with unfounded disputes and ill will.

In the interests of binging our missions to a successful conclusion, we use all appropriate means at our disposal and, in particular, we take full advantage of our telephone negotiation department and an exclusive network of itinerant collectors.

Obviously, in the event of excessive resistance and subsequent to further enquiry, we can enlist the aid of our legal correspondents, scrupulously selected over 20 years' professional experience.

Under such circumstances, our training allows us to institute proceedings and represent your interests before the courts, if required.

This is your guarantee of swift proceedings, cost savings and the avoidance of unnecessary judicial acts.

Select the method best suited to your needs:


CIG takes full charge of the collection risk.
On debts that are certain, liquid and due, you will not bear any legal fees.
Your financial cost will be limited to fees calculated on a sliding scale relative to the sums recovered.


The fees on results are reduced and you can even specify the type of procedure you wish when you hand the case over to us.
Sharing the risk with CIG is the ideal solution.
You will be invoiced for the expenses that may be incurred, if they are not recovered from the debtor.

· Services subject to our general terms and conditions.

CIG takes strength from advanced technology, allowing:

- data transfer (by secure lines or Internet),
- return of your original information, completed and formatted, so that it can be used immediately in your databases!